Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Lying on both sides of the River Danube, the area of the modern city has been inhabited for thousands of years. It is a historic city with many attractions. Boasting three World Heritage Sites, Budapest is the only capital in the world where nearly one hundred thermal springs and twelve spas can be found, and where Roman ruins, Turkish baths still in use, the heritage of the Gothic and Baroque styles and amazingly rich Art Nouveau architectural masterpieces attract visitors.


ELTE (short name for Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences) is the oldest and largest institute of higher education in Hungary. It has a history of over 376 years, having been established in 1635. There have been four Nobel Prize winners who studied or worked at ELTE. The Institute of East Asian Studies at ELTE was founded in 1924, and is the only institute in Hungary that specializes in East Asian studies. It is an important centre for educating China experts. ELTE Confucius Institute was founded on the basis of the Institute of East Asian Studies.

Beijing Foreign Studies University, working directly under the supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education, was selected as one of the Key Universities of China under Project 211. It is the university teaching the most foreign languages in China. As an important centre for training future diplomats, translators, business, media, law, financial and other specialists at a high level, BFSU has already trained more than 70 thousand experts involved in foreign relations.

ELTE Confucius Institute

ELTE Confucius Institute (ECI) is the first and only Confucius Institute in Hungary.
It was established five years ago, in 2006. ECI was founded with the cooperation of ELTE and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Activities of ELTE Confucius Institute

The activities of ECI cover the following four areas:

- promoting Chinese language, providing Chinese and other courses;
- propagating Chinese culture, organizing different kinds of cultural activities;
- promoting research into modern China;
- serving as a bridge between Chinese and Hungarian culture,
advancing Sino–Hungarian cultural exchange.


Since its establishment five years ago, ECI has become the most important centre for Chinese language and culture in Hungary. It offers Chinese courses not only in Budapest, but also in a number of other towns throughout the country. ECI teaches Chinese language in nine high schools and seven universities in Hungary. Its cultural programs are widely reported in local media.

ECI has won the "Outstanding Confucius Institute Award" in 2007.


ECI is located in the historical heart of Budapest, capital of Hungary, on the campus of the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE. Many of the tourist attractions of the city, as well as the River Danube, are within walking distance of the campus.

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